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If you like our weekly delivery of vegetables, then why not have a look at the other produce we offer? You can order these to add to your boxes. Just email by Wednesday at 8.00am on the week you would like to add extra to your box

Free Range Eggs from Coastal Eggs at Chartham, near Canterbury. £1.30 for half dozen or £2.50 a dozen 

Cox Apple Juice from Doddington Farm, nr Faversham. £2.50 a bottle

Ashmore  and Brie Cheeses from Canterbury Cheesemakers at Dargate.


Seasonal Specials

We also offer seasonal fruit such as:


Soft Fruit from Kelseys Farms at Wickhambreaux

Apples and Pears from Geoff Thomas at Preston

Cherries and Plums from Tanya Griggs at Preston

Meat Boxes
With our friends at Chandler and Dunn Farm Butchers we are excited to offer you a weekly delivery of meat fresh from the farm.

Here is the range of our meaty meat boxes for you to feast your eyes on!

Option 1: Meat Box 1 Option 2: Meat Box 2 Option 3: Meat Box 3
2kg Rolled Pork Loin
2x2 (7oz) rump steaks
2x2 (7oz) chicken filllets
1.5lb mince
1.5lb sausages
2 x 6 rashers bacon
1.8kg Chicken
2x2 (7oz) Pork Steaks
2 x 500g Lamb Cutlets
500g Braising Steak
2 x 6 rashers bacon
500g Diced Lamb
1.5kg Topside
4 x 7 oz Chicken Supremes
4 x Pork Chops
4 x Barnsley Chops
2 x 6 rashers bacon
Option 4: Meat Box 4 Option 5: Value Box Option 6: Luxury Box
1 Leg Lamb
2 x 500g mince
2 x 500g sausages
4 x Gammon Steaks
4 Chicken Legs
1kg Belly Pork
2 x 500g mince
1 x 500g sausages
1 x 500g chicken legs
2 x 7oz Fillet Steaks
4 Minted Lamb Chops
4 Pork Steaks
1.5kg Rib Joint


Christmas is coming!!!


For an original gift why not buy one of our Gift Vouchers for a friend or family member?


For more details email or phone us on 01227 860825

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